New Premium Location: Dubai, UAE


New Premium Location: Dubai, UAE

Why Dubai?

For many of our customers, Dubai represents an ideal location to consolidate their global business, providing industry-leading connectivity, reliability, and performance in a recognized global networking hub, including There are several major exchanges and carriers.

Located within the Equinix RX1 data center, reliability, security, and high interconnectivity are assured, and, as with all Equinix IBXs, direct access to key Internet exchanges and cloud services providers is standard and redundant. Available as

Hyper-Speed Architecture

Join us at the heart of the economy in the Middle East, and take advantage of the latest generation of Dell hardware. Delivering industry-leading performance:

Intel Xeon Gold CPUs, Enterprise Grade SSDs, DDR4 ECC High-Performance RAM.

Deployment times, storage speeds, and raw calculations are above the competition.

10Gbit inter-VM connectivity over self-contained, isolated internal networks.

Inbuilt firewall, DNS, CDN, automatic backup, and template creation/deployment.

Dubai, UAE

With this new deployment, our customers can experience a completely improved user experience and a significant increase in VM performance at the desired location.

We bring the cloud to your doorstep, wherever it is. To learn more about our global locations or the benefits of working with the world’s largest OnApp provider, get in touch and start your OnApp journey today.

Enjoy a 10% discount on all services at our brand new Dubai location with promo code DubaiWebHosting


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