Life At Fusionhost

Fusionhost is on a mission to provide our customers with the very best web hosting available, and this starts with ensuring our team has the best experience while working with fusionhost.

Start your Fusionhost career

Here at Fusionhost, we believe in providing the most reliable and cost-effective web hosting solutions for our customers. This is to be expected from one of the UK’s leading web hosting companies with over 24 years of experience and trust with our customers.

Therefore, we are seeking the best and brightest of you to join our global team to help us achieve even greater heights.

This can only be achieved through our amazing team of creative, autonomous, and resourceful individuals working to better the services we provide and to enhance the experience of our loyal fan base!

We are currently looking for additional sales personnel and a social media manager to support us to grow our brand and our sales.

If you, or someone you know, would like to join our dedicated team, please, inquire regarding your chosen position.

Four Reasons To Join Us:

Working with Fusionhost comes with many benefits such as a four-day week, a living wage and much much more!


As the old adage goes “Knowledge is power!” and we believe that statement couldn’t be closer to the truth. This is why we provide our employee’s with generous training plans to assist in strengthening their individual skill sets and increase their knowledge. If there is a course you would like to do, then simply ask and we will provide.M


We aim to provide a comfortable, relaxing and social work environment with all of the latest and up to date communications strategies to ensure all of our staff members are able to connect and communicate with each other at all hours of the day. This helps to ensure cohesion and comradery to facilitate a high functioning and effective team.


We aim to promote ‘outside the box’ thinking to find solutions to problems. This is why we try to encourage each of our staff members creativity and independance through discussion and individual autonomy. Any ideas any of our staf members have can, and is encouraged, to be shared as it will reach every member of staff, regardless of authority.


We just don’t build your online presence, we also maintain them! As your business changes and grows, so does your website. Along with various services in development and design of websites, We offer round the clock maintenance and support to all its registered clients and associates. We don’t make a client for a project, we make a client for a lifetime.

Featured Vacancies

Sales Assistant

We are looking for a full time Sales Assistant to join our team of friendly and highly skilled staff, based in the United Kingdom, States of America or Canada.

This role will involve actively promoting the company’s services, and securing sales to maximise your sales.

Social Media Manager

We are looking for two part time Social Media Managers who live in the United Kingdom to join our team of friendly and highly skilled staff.

This role will involve managing the fusionhost blog, and the companies social media platforms to grow our brand and sales.