Domain Privacy

Do you hate your personal information being leaked on to the web? We do!

Domain Privacy

Protect your personal identity with our Domain Privacy Service

When you purchase, renew and/or transfer a domain name, you must provide genuine personal information which is immediately available online in the public domain. Your information can be easily acquired by data miners, fraudsters, spammers and other third parties who can obtain your sensitive personal information for their own purposes.


I.D Protect

from £5.99 a year

  • Protect Your Privacy!
  • Keep Your Information Safe!
  • Cut Down On Spam!
  • Stop Scammers!
  • Prevent Identity Theft
  • Protect Against Fraud!
  • Decrease Postal Junk Mail!
  • Remain Anonymous!

Protect your private information!

New Domain Registrations:

During the domain name checkout process, simply select the ‘Domain Privacy’ check box and this service will be added to your order.

Protect your privacy for less than a 50p a month!

Existing Domains:

Want to add Domain Privacy to your existing domain names?
Simply log into your Online Control Panel, find the domain you wish to update and add privacy.
Domain Privacy will protect your personal details until your domain privacy runs out or your domain name expires!

How Long Can I Register For Domain Privacy Protection?

You can currently secure your personal identifaction for up to ten years at a time.

Protect Yourself & Your Family

By using our I.D Protection Service you will drastically reduce your personal information being found online.
Stop your information from being leaked, or sold online today!

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Interested in privacy?

The fusionhost team is proud to offer our customers worldwide domain name I.D protection, SSL Certificates and secure internet browsing through Fusionhost’s SilentSurf™ VPN Program

These services are perfect for customers who wish to retain their privacy while online.

Purchase a new domain name with added privacy today!

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