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since 2001!

Fusionhost is one of the last remaining independently owned British web hosting businesses. We have been supplying dedicated, reliable & affordable web hosting solutions for over twenty-two years!

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British and Independant!

Fusionhost is a British, indendantly owned business that operates out of Britian’s Ocean City, otherwise known as Plymouth, England.

Unlike our competition, we are not selling and we have remained independent and true to our original mission statement; transparent, no hidden fees, easy to use and quality personalised support!

Our competition bought and merged with each other to control the entire market, reducing their competition, enabling them to continually raise their prices, while lowering their services and support!

In the end, two web hosting “monopolies” were created. Endurance International Group (EIG) and GoDaddy went around and bought the competition. These companies are acquired for their future business and profit and the owners of these multinational do not provide the same or better standards as the old companies, but, interestingly, these old brands are kept separate, to try and ensure that people don’t know who the real owners are.

Here’s a haandful of some of the 100+ different hosting brands EIG and GoDaddy control. Do you recognise any?


Fusionhost was founded in 1999 under the original company name; WizardsWeb™. WizardsWeb™ operated from 1999 to 2001 and only offered website design to local customers. During this period, our founder notice his customers were crying out for affordable, quality web hosting services, with great customer support!

This was the birthplace of Fusionhost.


Three years later, WizardsWeb™ had a new name and a new focus; the web hosting market. The web hosting market was dominated by a handful of large companies, these large, multinationals had very high prices and poor levels of customer service.

Due to the lack of good competition it allowed the large web hosting companies to continue to dominate the market with their over-priced web hosting services and poor customer service!


We started small but we had big ambitions and we were determined. Our plan was simple, undercut, simplify and provide quality services and support.

During our first year of business, we had outgrown our first server and we needed to expand and purchase four more dedicated servers to be able to offer a global web hosting service; we expanded from our London Docklands based web hosting service to offer shared and reseller web hosting in three additional locations; Toronto, Dallas and Hong Kong.


We had developed a good reputation within the global web hosting community and we had grown from a small start-up into a large UK based web hosting company. We had become known as the web hosting provider that you could trust; we provide our fusionhost family with web hosting that is reliable and affordable.


Starting in 2009 Fusionhost began cloud web hosting trials to determine if cloud web hosting was stable and reliable option for our customer base and that it could deliver on its promises. After months of rigorous testing we decided to build our own cloud web hosting data centre using the onApp platform and we began to migrate customers who wanted the advantage of cloud web hosting. By the end of 2019 all of the fusionhost family had been transferred to our cloud web hosting platform!


We have continued to grow and expand our customer focused business during this period and we have fought off multiple aquisition attempts by the multinationals!

Fusionhost was setup to offer a better, independent service and we will continue to do that with our team of experts who are dedicated to you, our fusionhost family!

Our original objective is still our driving force. We aim to provide quality, reliable, domain names, cloud web hosting, SSL certificates, VPN services and expertly designed websites and mobile phone apps; all while being affordable to the public.

We support thousands of happy customers

We’ve been helping our customers since 2001!

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By Our Customers

World Class
Customer Service

For over seventeen years Fusionhost has grown and evolved to ensure we deliver world class web hosting.

We run our own cloud platform


Server Speeds

The Fusionhost cloud web hosting platform is run on our own high specification cloud infrastructure.

Our teams are available 24/7/365

Response Times

Support Staff

We provide a person-centred, jargon-free customer support experience, which is vital to our customers and their websites. Our customer support teams treat our customers as the individuals that they are and not just another number. Fusionhost’s customer support takes pride in their quality of service!

Powerful & Reliable infrastructure

Servers & Storage

Securely Managed
by Professionals

We invest company profits back into our business to ensure that we can supply the best hardware and trained staff in the industry. We utilise highly-redundant, enterprise-grade blade servers which use 100% Intel Xeon CPUs, Enterprise-grade SSDs, Cisco Networking Secure & segregated storage arrays.


  • Fusionhost helped me set up my online shop so that I can showcase and sell my as been my web host for over five years and they have been great! There customer support has been great; unlike other companies there support isn't scripted! They actually take their time to help you!!

    Jessica Thompson

  • We have multiple products with Fusionhost; domain names, two SSL certificates and a cloud web hosting package to showcase our business websites. We have been hosting our websites with Fusionhost for over four of years and any technical issues we've encountered have been rectified quickly!

    Peter Evens

  • I discovered Fusionhost whilst attending my local Universities Freshers Fair. I always wanted to create an online portfolio to showcase my student work. After discussing my idea with the Fusionhost team they assisted me in getting my portfolio online. I cannot thank them enough!

    Nicola Bruce

  • Fusionhost was a logical choice for us to host our website. Their service and products allowed for a seamless setup. They are competitively priced and have a team of experts on hand to help you when you require assistance. We would recommend the service they provide without hesitation.

    Dave Hill; Concepts Ltd.

  • I was a bit worried when I looked into setting up my first website to promote my business venture. Fusionhost looked great so I thought I would give them ago and was not disappointed, they set up my domain name with ease and answered my support questions very quickly.

    Terry Daniels; El Tels Karaok.


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