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Fusionhost is a British Web Hosting company that hosts thousands of websites

We’ve been fusing people to the web since 1999!

Fusionhost is one of the last remaining independently owned British web hosting companies. We have been supplying dedicated, reliable & affordable web hosting solutions for over twenty-four years!

British and independant!

Fusionhost is a British, independently owned business that operates out of London and Plymouth, England – otherwise known as Britain’s Ocean City.

Unlike our competition, we are not selling. We will remain a British independent web hosting business that remains true to our original mission statement:

  • Transparency,
  • No hidden fees,
  • Jargon Free,
  • Easy to use,
  • Individualised Customer Support!

Over our lifetime, our competition has bought and merged with each other to control the entire web hosting market. These companies pretend to be British and independently owned, but, they are not. They are owned by multinational companies and hedge funds. These multinational goliaths don’t care about their customers or their needs. They only care about profit, and how much of the market they control.

By buying up the market, they reduce their competition, and can freely increase their prices while lowering the quality of their services and customer support!

In 2023, the two web hosting monopolies above own most of the current web hosting market.

Endurance International Group (EIG) / Newfold Digital and GoDaddy have spent over two decades acquiring the world’s remaining independent web hosting companies to bring them under their control – while streaming their services and merging and reducing their customer support teams to reduce costs and maximise their profits. These companies are acquired for their future business and profit, but, are left to look like independent businesses to disguise who really owns them!

Are you currently hosting with one of the multinational goliaths and didn’t even know it?! Millions of British and UK web hosting customers are, and they didn’t even know it!

Start your web hosting journey today by joining a 100% British and Independently owned Web Hosting Company!

Be Online Within Minutes With Web Hosting From Fusionhost

Fusionhost was founded in 1999 under the original company name; WizardsWeb™. WizardsWeb™ operated from 1999 to 2001 and mainly offered website design to local customers based in Plymouth, England. During this period, our founder notice his customers were crying out for affordable, quality web hosting services, with great customer support!

This was the birthplace of Fusionhost.
Three years later, WizardsWeb™ had a new name and a new focus; the web hosting market. Fusionhost was born to to offer honest, reliable and personal customer support. Our customers aren't just numbers in a spreadsheet, they are individuals, with individual requirements and support needs.

By 2003, the web hosting market was dominated by a handful of large companies, these large, multinationals had very high prices and poor levels of customer service. Due to the multinationals having little to no competition, it allowed them to continue to increase their prices, while reducing their services and their customer support.
Fusionhost started small but we had big ambitions and we were determined. Our plan was simple - provide quality web hosting services and support at affordable prices. And if we can remain jargon free, even better!
During our first couple of years, growth was rapid! We had outgrown our initial set of worldwide servers and we needed to expand to continue to grow, and sustain our high levels of customer support.
By 2011, we had developed a positive reputation within the global web hosting market and we had grown from a small start-up into a large UK based web hosting company. We had become known as the web hosting provider that you could trust.

Fusionhost became known for our reliability and affordability.
During 2009, Fusionhost began cloud web hosting trials to determine if cloud web hosting was stable and a reliable option for our customers.

After almost a year of rigorous testing with a select number of fusionhost clients, we decided to build our own cloud web hosting data centre using the now industry standard - onApp platform.

We offered all of our fusionhost family the chance to migrate on to our new cloud web hosting platform for free - and we would handle every single migration ourselves.

By the end of 2015, all of the fusionhost family had been transferred to our cloud web hosting platform!
We have continued to grow and expand our customer focused web hosting business ever since our creation in 2001, and and have fought off multiple acquisition attempts by the multinational goliaths!
Fusionhost is a independent British web hosting company that was created to offer a better web hosting experience for our customers and we will continue our mission to do that! We will always strive to be transparent, jargon free and to provide you with personalised customer support - you're not just a number to us!

Our original objective is still our driving force, keep it simple, and affordable!
January 2023
In January 2023, we formed a partnership with Plymouth Web Design and a British VPN provider called SilentSurf to become fusion3, a truly multidisciplinary digital agency based in the UK.

Learn more at
January 2023


Fusionhost offers our customers a wide range of services, but, some of our customers require a custom made service. If that’s you, please, contact our sales team!