Fusionhost expands into Tokyo, Japan


Fusionhost expands into Tokyo, Japan

Fresh from our foray into Melbourne, Australia, we’re delighted to introduce our latest Fusionhost location in Tokyo, Japan.

Located in the heart of the Japanese capital – just a stone’s throw from mainland Asia – our new platform offers superior spatial integration and accessibility and world-class international transit in the Eastern Hemisphere.


Why Tokyo

Here at Fusionhost, we are committed to providing high-performance access to the global destinations of your desire. We have been inundated with requests for another Eastern public platform, and, after some deliberation, Tokyo was the obvious choice.

Located within the Equinix TY8 data center, reliability, security, and high interconnectivity are assured, and as with all Equinix IBX, direct access to key Internet exchanges and cloud services providers is available as standard.

Fusionhost new facility takes advantage of the favorable economic environment and joins nine other Tokyo data centers through the Oedo Connect Metro Connect service, making it easy to connect with partners and customers in your digital supply chain.


Hyper-Speed Architecture

Join us in the world’s most populous city and take advantage of the latest Dell hardware. Delivering high-value performance, it will provide:

  • 5x read/write speed increases at the storage level.
  • 140% performance increase at VM-level.
  • 10GB connectivity b/w Hypervisors and NAS (10x faster than previous deployments).
  • Dell EMC blade architecture, All-new Xeon CPUs, DDR4 ECC memory, and an enterprise-grade All-Flash SAN array.

Tokyo, Japan

With this new deployment, our customers can experience a completely improved user experience and a significant increase in VM performance at the desired location.

We bring the cloud to your doorstep, wherever it is. To learn more about our global locations or the benefits of working with the world’s largest OnApp provider, get in touch today and start your OnApp journey.

Enjoy 50% off ALL Fusionhost services at our brand-new Tokyo, JAP, location with promo code TokyoWebHosting

Terms and Conditions

  1.  This offer is open to new and existing customers alike, but cannot be used to replace or discount an existing service or account.
  2.  Orders must use the promo code to receive the offer, make sure the discount code TokyoWebHosting is applied in the “Promotional Code” field when you proceed to checkout.
  3.  This offer is open to new and existing customers alike, but cannot be used to replace or discount an existing service or account.
  4.  If you have any questions – Fusionhost team is always on hand to answer any queries you may have – get in touch.


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