Fusionhost – Pre-configured goodness


Fusionhost – Pre-configured goodness

Setting up a server from scratch is difficult, it also requires a certain level of technical ability to install and configure database software and applications that many people either don’t have or are not willing to learn. Not interested. And why should you? When we’ve done it for you!

Our brand new FusionApp templates deliver the latest and most popular applications at the click of a button, set up and ready to go, simple, preconfigured goodness.

While the ability to create custom templates has been a feature baked into Fusionhost for a long time, our new selection of templates means our customers can quickly deliver the application they want, including the underlying operating systems. have little or no experience. We are proud to say that the following are now available using our FusionApp templates:

All come preconfigured, just create the virtual machine and go to “http://your-ip” to finalize the setup. All database information required during configuration can be found here.

All templates are based on the latest CentOS 7 template, with options for older generations that require them. Licenses for cPanel, Plesk, and R1Soft can be found here.

FusionApps are perfect for resellers and digital agencies to quickly deliver the work they need on demand, our partners also benefit from additional discounts and other perks – consider joining the Fusionhost partner family today!

If your business is a frequent user of a specific application not listed above, please get in touch and we will consider creating a FusionApps template for you.


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Fusionhost offers our customers a wide range of services, but, some of our customers require a custom made service. If that’s you, please, contact our sales team!